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The Armoured Dream Project - Part One :
A Binary Soul

Its 2020 the world is at war, divided into two territories east & west. Eastern Europe, Russia & Asia have formed an alliance & absorbed India and the eastern hemisphere of Africa.  Against a western region of western-Europe & the USA who also absorbed (by force) the Southern Americas & the western hemisphere of Africa. All major cities in these regions had become hyper technological mega cities with far reaching vertical hyper structures above the clouds and modern conveniences only imagined in the minds of tech concept artists. This leap occurred following a new utilisation of one of the world's most abundant resources, water. The creation was a type hydro fusion that generated efficient amounts of concentrated clean renewable energy. Following the implementation of this technology the world made a quantum leap in integrating clean energy into a range of applications. As this particular fusion process was discovered and leaked to the world by an anonymous group of college geniuses, governments and corporations were powerless to stop the world's population abandoning current energy providers. The energy & financial markets declined into chaos as power returned to the populace. Given this new method of generating energy was open-source and highly customisable, people all over the world began abandoning employment and other financial ties to study and utilise a new way of life powered by "Nano-hydro-fusion power cells" of all shapes, sizes and power potentials. Inventions that didn't require traditional types of fuel became rife. With the cost of energy now solely dependent on the cost of parts which remained subject to the ever elaborate imagination & ingenuity of people from all walks of life, coupled with easy online access to a global market network of buyers, users & brokers connected by social media sites, caused the world to erupt into a 21st century technological renaissance. All was good for a period. This was the closest mankind had come to a modern utopian existence. Civilisation finally saw equality within its grasp, until governments reverted to the inevitable. At an attempt to regain control of a newly free population, water became a precious commodity. With the fusion process not requiring filtration of impurities, sea water, its locations and acquisition became the new business of governments. The world's oceans became the focal concern of newly devised police & naval military divisions. With government think tanks working tirelessly to secure the future & interests of their nations, the world naturally became much smaller. As emerging economies required access to more oceans & sea, territories that rightfully belonged to them but were made unavailable by laws instigated by old empires not local to their geographic locations. These old establishments found themselves drawing closer to conflict as pressure built amongst the international community to dissolve old ownership of these regions. With egos and historic tensions now spiralling into threats & insults, super powers and their allies saw no other option than to pre-emptively annex regions relatively local them in an attempt to maintain the world’s order of nations. So began the war. 

However this was war like none other before. A cold war was out the question. This conflict wasn't about information, espionage or deception. It was about brute force, speed, stamina, shock & ore. Unlike the wars of old fought on tradition battlefields the landscape of society & warfare had changed during the renaissance. Arms manufacturers like the inventors of the world’s new tech had thrived on the ability to power new forms of weaponry with long lasting lightweight power sources that could replenish energy in the midst of battle from the very rain that fell from the sky. A global disillusionment with politics & capitalism meant non payment of taxes became inconsequential. Governments found themselves with no officers to enforce taxation laws which left them powerless to stop the tide. Governments became weaker and municipal services slowly crumbled. Road maintenance, waste disposal & many other forms of infrastructure grinded to a halt and thus plunged our burgeoning neo cityscapes into a dystopian wasteland of grit & filth. After all, the foundations of our civilisation rested on the need for someone somewhere to be poor, to have a lower standard than others & to be kept in the pursuit of happiness never the midst. The question of what would happen if the hierarchal shackles of employment where replaced by self manifested social mobility had been answered. It was just never anticipated it would be at the expense of our civic aesthetic.

This status quo left the private sector unhinged. Arms development corporations almost fostered government functions at behest of their new found political clout. Their Megalithic headquarters engulfed city areas and logically became military targets. As these buildings existed within our cities & not in remote locations or military installations, bloodshed spilled into civilian areas. Schools, hospitals, churches & homes were levelled as collateral damage during sabotage & blitz attacks from either sides of the war. With no means of defence, families were destroyed, generations left crippled. Panic turned to fear, fear turned to sorrow and sorrow turned to anger. Governments seized the opportunity by manipulating public hysteria with propaganda campaigns calling all to arms, & so power over the masses returned to malevolent leaders with clandestine motives & unrestricted control over the most powerful technology ever conceived.

When the power to defeat the enemy lies in technological advantage, the creators of such technology become golden geese to be captured, exploited & sucked dry of their talents.

This tale begins after the abduction of the grandest goose, and the quest to exploit their cygnet opens a Pandora's Box some anticipated but could never fathom.     


During a Russian raid on UK soil the callous military genius General Yuri Kukovavich pulled off a daring snatch & grab mission & managed to capture the UK's most brilliant weapons development specialist following a tip off from a counter intelligence operative who uncovered a British bio-mechanical master weapon to end the war in the favour of its possessor.  Intimate & strange details of an aeronautical mechanoid dubbed the "Armored Core" were tortured from specialist Dr Vitelli, and so the saga began...............                 

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