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Kirk's Journal is a current lifestyle snapshot of a London based millennial with interests spanning both affordable and luxury items, products, destinations, cultural events and social engagements. Whilst the blog evolves with the times, one constant narrative remains. A dedication to timeless & contemporary style, productive living, and value.

A Note To Readers

Firstly, and most importantly; To all readers - The below does not affect my editorial content- I only work with brands & organisations I believe in, and think you will appreciate. I do not put money before your best interests. Any commercial endeavour featured throughout this medium is soley to ensure the upkeep of Kirk's Journal, Kirk.Life &

Why Kirk's Journal?

Why you should advertise on Kirk's Journal? If you feel the content, presentation & interests featured across this blog align with your brand, and would like your brand seen by a dynamic millennial readership with shared interests, please get in touch & we’ll discuss the particulars.

Sponsored Posts

Kirk's Journal is open to sponsored posts - providing the content will be appreciated by it's readership. Sponsored posts will be clearly marked ‘In partnership with’. 


Unique Partnership

As a progressive entity Kirk's Journal is always open to creative ideas and suggestions - I'm more than happy to carve out & crystallise new ideas with potential partners



Kirk's Journal on occasion incorporates affiliate links which may reward the blog a small percentage each time you purchase  goods or services, via a provided link. All such links are to brands that are appropriate and relevant, never solely for financial gain.


Banner Advertising Campaigns

Banner advertising campaigns are handled in-house. Please get in touch for details about both UK and 'rest of the world' advertising campaigns. 



 Lifestyle & Culture 
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