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Kirk's journey into audio production began with a fascination into the creative processes behind the Blues, Jazz, Funk & Soul his father introduced him to, & the Reggae classics played by his uncles at countless family gatherings. This journey progressed to initial projects creating R&B & Hip Hop instrumentals inspired by producers Timbaland, Mannie Fresh, RZA, Swizz Beats, DJ Premier, DJ Scratch & Q-Tip who all provided a fantastic foundation in breaks, beats, rhythm & soul.

Later Kirk would be introduced to Drum & Bass legend Technical Itch's Mark Caro. This changed everything.  Obsessed with the dark furious complexity of the harsher spectrum of D&B Kirk began countless hours researching & discovering the techniques & equipment used by D&B engineers such as Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Bkey, Dillinjah, Noisia, Limewax, Panacea, DJ Fresh(Bad Company), Pendulum(pre 'Hold your Colour'), Liam Howlett, Photek, Evol Intent, DJ SS, Calyx, John B, Loxy & Ink. After a few years of trial & error Kirk had established an unofficial degree in the science of sound.

An introduction to House, Electro, P-funk & Dubstep was spurred by DJ friend Dr Specs of Apex Ape. Dr Specs offered a 'post-graduate' indoctrination in minimalism & stripped-back grooves to raw, essential elements. 

Relationships, travel & collaboration brought Kirk's attention back towards more soulful acoustic production triggering a re-discovery of the electric guitar & a sabbatical from production to explore the works of Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Green & John Lee Hooker. This period firmly established Kirk's respect & appreciation for live performance(s) & helped crystallise his command of acoustic & electronic platforms.

Still on the pathway & eager to explore & share philosophies of audio science, Kirk looked to consolidate & publish his endeavours via this archive. A venture that's resulted in cross-genre experiments, collaborations & all manner of unexpected fruit. Expression through graphic novels, animation, foley, post-production, voice-overs, mixing, photography, videography & tutorials that can be found across the corners of this site. Firm in his belief creativity is a hard earned discipline & privilege, this portfolio aims to remain in constant flux, as better technology & access to it improves all creative's capacity to create visual & audio art. 

Proudly an audio nerd.

Welcome, share, be inspired, be brave & be kind!  

Visions from the past to follow watch this space.....

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