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Cigar Diaries #1

Welcome! to the first of what will be a series of entries on cigars from of different regions, sizes, leaves & strengths. Places to source and smoke, er'hmm I mean sample! Like wines and food, preference of cigars is subject to one's palette so I welcome feedback, advice as well recommendations & opportunities to collaborate with fellow enthusiasts.

Oliva Series G Robusto

Gauge: 50

Length: 4 1/2"

Shape: Robusto

Region: Nicaragua

Time: 1hrs 40mins to 2hrs

An excellent short smoke. This little wonder is bursting with flavour that lasts from the moment the cigar is lit and you taste the 1st bolt of flavour. A perfectly convenient smaller robusto that still feels like a lengthy and hearty smoke. The cube like design is pleasant to hold. It fits snug in your hand. An excellently priced cigar, ideal for a gift or sharing. The punch cut is ideal given the size of the cigar and the earthy, chocolatey smooth finish is consistent throughout the smoke. Initially I felt this packed more flavour than my favoured Padron 2000 series but after having a few I've noticed its similar but just a little milder. Highly recommended.

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