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Cigar Diaries #4

Boliva Royal Corona Tubos

Gauge: 50

Length: 4 7/8"

Shape: Robusto

Region: Cuban

TIme: 1hr 30mins to 2hrs

All Hail the magma spicer of cuban full flavoured Cigars. I had to suck on a cube of ice for for minute to cool off towards the end. As i'm writing this I've actually just finished one this little wonders. Had one earlier in the week and had to go for another I was so impressed, and to make sure the 1st wasn't just a 1st time infatuation of flavour. I always passed over Boliva as too mild & medium. I'll be stocking up on these for next spicy fish dish. I say that because it the initial thought as kicked back and observed the aroma. Not to repeat, but the spice is real and aside from the tail end of the cigar its quite smooth through its 1st three quarters. All in all a safe bet!


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