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Cigar Diaries #3

Alec Bradley Tempus

Gauge: 50

Length: 5"

Shape: Robusto

Region: Nicaragua

Time: 2hrs 30mins to 3hrs

I was lucky to receive a box of these as a gift, all smoked very quickly! Lovely lucious rich full flavoured magic with earthy long lasting finish. Smokey these felt like desert. So full bodied its almost funny. Not sure how A Bradley pack so much into 5inches. Unfortunately i had a few issues with those wrapped too tight but thats to be expected, helped by cutting as opposed to punching but do whichever you prefer. This cigar holds a place in my collection as one to offer anyone curious about cigars. Its what i refer to as "turner". Extremely well priced for such an amazing treat. You can't really go wrong. I'd compare it to the Oliva Series V or a Rocky Patel Old Reserve for impact, try all three to find your preference. Kudos to Alex Bradley!


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