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Look Book - #Streetwear No3

D i r e w o l f V a r s i t y

An avid Game of Thrones fan, it seemed appropriate to nab this apparel from a vendor at the 2017 EGX Games convention & represent my chosen house whilst expanding a burgeoning collection. This is a soft & cosy 80% cotton 20% polyester autumn/winter alternative. Monochrome is timeless, clean, minimal and so easily executed. With the sleeves and collar sporting white, choosing the colour of the torso i.e. black as the dominant shade of the outfit makes the whole look coherent. That said, I went with Black joggers from Primark, a black H&M t-shirt, black Fedora hat from Zara, Clear dress-glasses from river island, a Star Wars Millenium Falcom printed dog tag from Amazon, a wooden beaded bracelet from & black Nike Flystepper 2k3s with white soles.


See 'where-to-buy' links below images

W h e r e t o b u y ?

F e d o r a H a t : Z a r a


J a c k e t : H B O


J o g g e r s : P r i m a r k


T - S h i r t : H & M


T r a i n e r s : N i k e


G l a s s e s : R i v e r I s l a n d


B r a c e l e t : M a n M o d e


D o g t a g : A m a z o n



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