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Look Book - #Streetwear No5

A n a r c h y M A B o m b e r

This outfit features a winter bomber with thicker waterproof lining. There was a trending pin circa 2017 with a guy in a Supreme hoodie & a Bomber with a Nike tick below Japanese writing. I later found out this writing said 'Anarchy' hence the name Anarchy-Bomber. There are loads on Ali Express. Both summer & winter variations of thickness. Although you may have to wait a while for delivery & there's likely to be a variance in quality depending on who you order from (spoken from experience). Luckily UK online menswear retailer sells this version. The rest of the outfit compliments the jacket with similar hues of blue. The destiny T-shirt was won during their EGX conference pre-launch tournament, an award for winning a team crucible match. Check the Bungie Store for similar Tees. Blue stretchy denim jeans from TK Maxx (Soooo comfy!!) and my beloved space grey Nike Flystepper 2k3 trainers to match a grey fedora from Zara


See 'Where-to-buy' links below images

W h e r e t o b u y ?

F e d o r a H a t : Z a r a


J a c k e t : M A N M O D E


J e a n s : T K M a x x


T - S h i r t : B u n g i e S t o r e


T r a i n e r s : N i k e



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