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D a i r y - W h a t E v e r y m a n s h o u l d k no w !

If you've seen the Netflix documentary 'Game changers' then you'll understand the compelling argument to reduce your consumption of animal produce for both yourself and the good of the environment. So here's a diet hack every man should know to aid his transition from the stereotypical western diet riddled with sweeteners, E flavourings, assortments of oils, cocktails of stabilizers, Soy, dairy and of course bucket loads of Sugar! If you ever stop and read the ingredients of your ready meals, sandwiches, juices, sweets, desserts and snacks, you'll begin to understand why your body may be sending you signals that enough is enough via inflammation, bloating, abdominal spasms or acute pain. Theres simply too many unneccesary ingredients that ordinarily your body wouldn't injest as you wouldn't add any of the aforementioned additives, preservatives or enhancements if you were preparing your own meal. Reading further may help you reduce physical discomfort and contribute towards breaking the generational cycle of the hereditary illnesses & diseases that have plagued prior generations thus extended your life expectancy and increasing your overall quality of life.

Starting small and gradually removing animal produce from your diet is a far more sustainable method of change than a full-on cold turkey detox. Of course, you should consult your General Practitioner or a qualified Nutritionist for a person-centered dietary plan that is tailored to your own physiology & biology, but in the meantime take what you will from the following and see how you feel about the results after a couple of months.

S t i l l I n t e r e s t ed ? G o o d !

The scientific evidence/data now exists where it once didn't regarding the long term impact of certain food groups and ingredients. Failing to proactively change your lifestyle simply out of habit or tradition would be failing to evolve, historically, people & species that failed in this department haven't faired well. Make informed decisions based on your own research to aid your health, don't rely on the news or corporate advertising or late-to-the party government studies influenced by social bias, election time or economic mandate. Here's something to kick start that journey.


Thankfully we now have the science to confirm regular consumption of diary or specifically cheese and cow's milk doesn't strengthen bones at all despite the claim that it's calcium content will surely strengthen your bones if consumed daily. In fact studies revealed those who regularly consume cow's milk don't demonstrate stronger bones at all, or a reduced instance of broken bones at old-age. Studies suggest increased bone strength may occur during an initial short-term period after initial consumption, but not for a long term period after years or across a life-time on daily intake. Unfortunately this idea of drinking milk to make your bones stronger just isn't substantiated by hard scientific evidence.

What pragmatic evidence we do have is that Dairy, is a commercial industry like any other. This particular industry is worth billions across the globe & thus is made up of various multination corporations that all share a capitalist agenda and vested interest in insuring we as a global population consume dairy en-masse. Cow's milk, yogurt, cheese & a huge product line of dairy inthused snacks & food products as part of what is called a 'healthy balanced diet' is the name of the game. All fuelled by a variety of methodologies, from sponsored and published health studies from individuals in need of a paycheck just the same as the rest of us who feature on national news networks, breakfast shows, cooking and dietary programs, talk radio & across various social media platforms and billboards to encourage your dairy consumption & validate a renewed trust & reliance on dairy as stable part of a healthy diet. None as noteworthy as the large scale marketing campaign 'Got Milk'. Where millions have been spent across decadess using celebrities & various influential personalities & public figures to sell the message. The 'Got Milk?' campaign within the advertising industry is considered one of the most powerful social change engines of the past century. Notorious among 'woke' members of the public who've become aware that more than half the world's population are actually Lactose intolerant but for reasons associated with sustained monetary profit this hasn't presented a moral conflict of public health best-interest within the corporate boardrooms & public leadership forums across the globe? The machine as it were is simply too big to halt.

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The problem with diary is linked to geographic genealogy. i.e. where your ancestry lies. Consuming milk and anything containing dairy may prove detrimental to your short and long term health. If you live in the west where almost everything contains dairy as a result of northern European social, economic & therefore dietary hegemony, then drinking coffee & offering tea with milk or 'going for a coffee' & pairing diary infused drinks with confectionery are likely to be a part of everyday life and assumed to be normal or even tradition. Would you like some tea!

But if you look closer look at the average western citizen's typical food intake for the day it may start with morning cereal manufactured with trace/percentage amounts of dairy, with semi-skimmed or whole fat milk poured over it. Alternatively or in addition too, you may consume dairy again via the bread/toast you eat & again via the the butter you spread on said bread/toast. Not to mention another dairy helping via a variety of chocolate spreads or peanut butters, which in may be spread on top of that layer of butter. Then of course theres more diary in your tea or coffee. So before starting the day you've already consumed an unwarranted amount of diary. Moving on to your mid morning snack, a cake bar, a pain au chocolat, an Iceed/glased or filled donut, a pancake, a muffin . All the aforementioned and more all feature heavy amounts of dairy. Fast forward a couple of hours to a late lunch around mid afternoon and your likely to sink your teeth into a lunch meal/deal at your local supermarket. The deals typically offer a wrap/sandwich/pasta meal/pie or pizza slice. All containing butter/cream/mayonnaise/caeser sauce or cheese, some containing a combination of two or more of the above. Another day's worth of dairy introduced to the system. Finish work and pass by your local supermarket again to grab a ready meal, deal for two, or some kind of curry or mediterranean bake dish with a desert option to tail of the meal and once again your getting ready for another dose of dairy. Your Italian is likley to contain a milk via a creamy sauce or cheese layer, your pizza, sometimes as many as two to four different cheeses, your curry once again a creamy sauce, your salad, mozzarella or goats cheese. Then theres your cheescake desert, Chocolate eclair, tarte au citron, chocolate fudge cake or fondant, ice-cream, all served with yes you guested it further helping of diary via a thick coat of custard, whipped cream or clotted cream. If you include a cheeky cake or late night bowl of cereal before bed you've had an obsene about of diary for one day. Now multiply this seven times over for the week and then 52 times over for the total number of weeks in a year and take into consideration how many cups or coffee or tea you're consuming between meals and sometimes via drinks after work via milk based cocktails and liqueurs.

But wait the Dairy onslaught isn't quite complete. If you lift weights you may choose to consume milk with your protein shake were you'll be consuming an additional pint(s) of milk pre and post work out! On top of that you're likely to intake more dairy via your super healthy Greek yogurt as part of your 'balanced diet'. But wait thats still not enough dairy! The industry's creatives wasn't satisfied. The thirst for more profit and market share of your diet requires that your vary soul is touched by and completely dependant on dairy, so they've introduced probiotic aids in the form of yogurt & you guested it, fermented milk! to enhance the bacteria in your gut!

The Most Important Question?

With so much dairy in your diet & that of your beloved children shouldn't you take the time to consider just what is all this dairy doing to your body? To do this we need to understand the social and biological science & history of this substance and what it actually does to the human body after a lifetime of comsumption. To do this we should all pull our heads firmly from beneath the sand of generational & cultural tradition to come to terms with what milk actually is?

Milk is a mass havested and mass marketed hormonal secretion, squeezed from the swollen genitals of a cow meant for the new-born offspring of the cow. An animal that shares over 1000 genes with dogs & rodents that are not present in humans. Essentially nature never intended for Humans to consume it.

Also Consider?

As an adult wouldn't suck on or squeeze the tit of a lactating woman, nor would you purchase breast milk mass havested by women. So why on earth would you do purchase and injest the secretion of a cow's genitals meant for it's new born offspring. Bearing in mind that calves are weaned from their mothers after six to seven months, but some reason we as humans are sold & advised to injest a cow's milk throughout our entire lives to strengthen our bones becuase theres a market for it?


If you experience or are developing abdominal pain or you suffer any number of conditions such as bloating, flatulence, nausea, or diarrhea it may be because you've developed or aggravated a Lactose intolerance.

Lactose intolerance is an impaired ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk & dairy products. Lactose is normally broken down by an enzyme called lactase, which is produced by cells in the lining of the small intestine.

Lactose intolerance among adults is caused by the reduced production of lactase which could develop at any point at a person's life due the fact that humans only require this ability during the ver early stages of life when they consume the milk that was for them via their own mothers breast. However as we all know, this stops within a certain period. It doesn't last a lifetime.

Populations who historically developed a dependence on unfermented milk products as a food source. i.e northern Europeans, are largely lactose tolerant. Roughly only 10% per cent of people with predominantly Northern European ancestry are lactose intolerant. Hence the prevalence of dairy marketing companies across populations with large concentrations of Northern Europeans descendants. In the UK alone some of the biggest Dairy companies turnover astronomical sums of income selling dairy products. All privately owned and competing against each other therefore motivated and driven by capitalistic corporate missions to obtain more market share and financial profit than there competitors. The most proficient method of achieving this corporate objective is to mass market, seek and establish a broader consumer base than competitors. That consumer base is us, you, your children, your nephew, nieces, grand parents & closest friends, regardless of their physical intolerance. However the worst element of this commerce behemoth is that in corporate terms a competitor isn't just another dairy producer. A competitor is any another food type manufacturer. I.e. The vegetable farmer and the the fruit farmer and of course those corporate entities that aim to mass harvest and mass market their own food products. Which, unlike dairy have been a part of the human diet since the appearance of modern man & woman.

- As of March 2019 -

County Milk Products - 253 million - Dairy Ingredient processing and supply

First Milk - 253 million - own label cheese

Glanbia Cheese - 279 million - own label cheese and dairy ingredients

Yeo Valley - 286 million - Own label and branded yogurt

Dale Farm - 341 million - Own label branded liquid milk yogurt cheese and butter

There are plenty more examples but for the sake of this article you should consider that your average company may spend at least 10% of it's revenue on marketing. This marketing budget pays the salaries of the some the advertising industries most accomplished creatives who brainstorm campaigns like Got Milk with the sole purpose of convincing you that injesting milk is good for your health, via all manners of fallacious propaganda . A process dramatised by pop culture TV.

However for those people of East Asian, West African, Arab, Greek, or Italian descent almost 70 per cent experience varying degrees of lactose intolerance. As someone of Caribbean descent my historic genealogy comes from majority West Africa with small hints of Irish & German oweing to the horrors & consequences of colonial barbarism, hence my lactose Intolerance may have been mild as a child. Probably the odd fart & bloatiness quickly expelled by a youthful body. But for an adult, the effects of your diet have far graver ramifications. Therefore if you hail from from any one of the above demographics, removing dairy products from your diet may result in vastly improved digestive comfort and the avoidance of far more severe consequences explored below.

C a n c e r !

Unfortunately the impact of dairy goes beyond the gut, as it is now proven to be linked to & a major contributor towards the onset of Prostate Cancer. Thats right I couldn't believe my ears when my GP slipped me mother of all dietary red pills! Milk causes the big C!!

Prostate Cancer as described by many GPs is a common cancer that most men will develop at the latter stages of life. The question we should all be asking ourselves as men is why accept this as a fact-of-life when we now know that diseases are more to do with hereditary diet than hereditary genes.


The connection you should have made by now is that your Health official will tell that prostate a cancer is a common cancer that most men will develop... What they should be telling you is that this is so common because you injest milk in obsene amounts every day of your life and we now have the science (as linked above) to confirm this substance secreted from the glands of a cow contains properties that clearly don't agree with your body! because you weren't meant to drink or injest it in the first place!! But as part of your western diet that is influenced by millions spent on every form of marketing known to man, this substance is now in almost everything you eat!


You have the power to re-write you ancestral health history by doing what your Great Grandad, Grandad, & Dad couldn't do becaus he didn't have the data in his lifetime. Reject the social diet you've been handed down.

- Don't drink milkshakes, ask for coconut, almond or oat's milk with your hot chocolate or coffee if you must drink coffee or hot chocolate.

- Opt for for herbal tea when offered. Start buying free-from dairy food options such as cereal, bread, snacks. pastas etc.

- Don't feed dairy products to your child! They share your genetics!

- Involve your family & those close to you in your research and ask they respect your health choice!


Before you buy any food, turn over the label and observe just how many different ingredients you consume as part of your unassuming western diet and of course have a look at how many of your favourite foods contain milk or other forms of dairy. It's all the more so worrying when you consider men of African descent are four times more likely to develop prostate cancer than any other group of males. Meaning whilst all men are suffering from the onset of this cancer as early was there forties! Black Men are suffering FOUR TIMES AS MUCH!

and If you're a parent or carer of a child of African or mixed African ancestry this becomes even more alarming as most of the treats children consume contain dairy. All that chocolate at birthday parties, easter eggs and bunnies, the entire festive period, relatives who think they're spoiling their beloved when really they're shortening their life expectancy and increases their chances of developing the associated digestive symptoms of lactose intolerance mentioned at the beginning of this post.


Burying one's head and ignoring the economic ties between government, produce manufacturers and health-related policy when you're aware of the existence of groups like the Bilderberg to simply turn a blind eye and dismiss the dangers of complacency, will only lead to a re-occurring cycle of premature death and digestive discomfort.

Bottom line, less dairy = reduced onset of prostate cancer & abdominal pain

All the best K

All the best K


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