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Look Book - #Streetwear No1

O r i g i n a l B o m b e r J a c k e t

The original and simplest bomber jacket available almost everywhere. A trend that let's be honest isn't really a trend at all. It's been around forever and probably will never go away. I'm not a believer of wearing items for the duration of a 'trend' then casting them aside as old or out of date. If you like it wear it, & keep wearing it. That said, this no-brainer outfit is layered, neutral in colour for all complexions, comfy and practical across all seasons. A stone grey fedora hat by Zara up top, a plain grey medium thickness bomber jacket from TK Maxx, an off-white flannel hoodie from American Eagle Outfitters, H&M olive knee-ripped jeans accented with a steel strapped skeletal Emporio Armani watch & steel ring by Top Man. Plus some white Nike Flystepper 2k3s. Simples!


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W h e r e t o b u y ?

F e d o r a H a t : Z a r a


J a c k e t : T K M A X X


J e a n s : Z a r a


H o o d i e : A m e r i c a n E a g l e O u t f i t t e r s


W a t c h : E m p o r i o A r m a n i


R i n g : T o p M a n


T r a i n e r s : N i k e



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