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Look Book - #Streetwear No9

S u p r e m e V a r s i t y

Kirk Facey Supreme 2015 Bomber/Varisty  - Front

My obsession with varsity & bomber jackets continues. Supreme released a limited edition run of these back in 2015 & I just had to have one. Available in red, blue & black, the blue was my favorite & available on ebay for just over retail price. You can still find them now being sold by collectors. All other elements of this look exist to compliment the Jacket. I'd typically do this on most outfits. Pick one part of the outfit you like most and let all other items compliment it. The cap, jeans & t-shirt all work with the jacket by matching hues. Finished with accessories that do the same. A steel Calvin Klein watch, Millenium Falcon aluminium dog tag from Amazon & skin coloured bead bracelet. For creps, I maintained the satin look with a pair of eye catching reflective space grey Flystepper 2k3s. Nike Flysteppers standout whenever they're worn. The closest commercially available style to Marty Mcfly's Nike Air MAGs from Back to the Future. Both the trainers and Jacket always get looks & compliments.


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Kirk Facey Supreme 2015 Bomber/Varisty  - Knee
Kirk Facey Supreme 2015 Bomber/Varisty  - Shoulder
Kirk Facey Supreme 2015 Bomber/Varisty  - Sat

W h e r e t o b u y ?

C a p : U r b a n O u t f i t t e r s


J a c k e t : S u p r e m e


J e a n s : Z a r a


T - S h i r t : H & M


T r a i n e r s : N i k e


W a t c h : C a l v i n K l e i n


B r a c e l e t : M a n M o d e


R i n g : T o p m a n


D o g T a g s : A m a z o n



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