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Aston Martin Vanquish

W h i p S p o t # 2

Where Ferrari & Lamborghini are akin to loud overt statements of attention with their bright & exotic colour schemes and shouty engines revs, the opposite end of the spectrum is well & truly owned by the likes of Bugatti & Aston Martin. Instead of the Geneva Car Show, models like this Vanquish are birthed onto the world at the likes of the prestigious Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. Known for classic automobiles from the 20s to the 70s for generally mature audiences held on the shores of Lake Como no less. A signal to potential clientele that these precision instruments are better suited to discreet as opposed to advertised wealth, or the family man over the bachelor.

With introductions aside, this second generation Vanquish is an awesome combination of Marek Reichman's design evolution & Aston Martin heritage. A modern cocktail of all the finest attributes across the manufacturer's recent line-up. A hybrid of elegance, power & pragmatism any discerned automotive aficionado would be proud to own, & who's associates will be green with envy for doing so.

The 2013 Vanquish's body exudes the masculinity & predatory charm of a 2015/16 Vantage, the elongated front snout & traditional grill of the DB line-up, with concept style lengthy side vents & rear tail lights from the revered One-77. Not to mention a welcome & exclusive hollow spoiler not seen in previous models providing this Vanquish with it's own character, and an aggressively ridged & phallic bonnet bulge with arguably the best shaped hood vents in recent years. Take note of the biomimicry seen across the front end of the car. A diffuser like the grin of a blue whale & shark-like headlamps. Perhaps a cue to the availability of 4 seats in cabin & a large boot space. These two traits combined provide 60% more overall storage capacity than a DBS, with a paradoxical top speed beyond the 200 mph barrier at a curb weight (with all fluids) of 1739kg & for the 1st time in the brand's history, the inclusion of a launch control system.

Although 25% lighter than a DBS this Vanquish is a little heavier than other class alternatives, but this is of little concern when you consider it's reason for being. These cars are built to tour across town and country terrain in luxury & comfort at high or low speeds courtesy of a three-stage adjustable adaptive damping system (suspension) featuring normal, sport, and track modes. With your legacy comfortably secure in the rear updating their social media, Miles Davis amplified via a Bang & Olufsen premium sound system accompanied by the theatrics of an AM28/29 48valve 568BHP V12 Roar on acceleration & downshift. You're able to fit your families luggage in the boot of a super-sports car & accommodate the comfort demands of your other half's derriere as she's sat beside you cupped in hand-stitched leather & alcantara upholstery. All the while you're at the helm feeling like Bond & James T Kirk lavishly exploring the frontier before you aided by an improved infotainment system.

At all angles this is one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful high performance vehicles. The interior features a masterful overhaul from the DBS & Vantage designs that emulates the look of the one-77. The concept styling throughout the cockpit is a treat for the eyes & easy to use. Angular air vents & an ergonomically shaped steering wheel further set the Vanquish apart from it's competitors. Other improvements to performance include lighter more durable carbon ceramic brakes with 6 piston calipers up front and 4 at the rear, plus a touch tronic eight speed automatic gear box. It would be nice to connect with the car via a traditional manual gearbox, but for the sake of effortlessness and convenience it makes sense to a have an automatic gear box. Besides, paddle shifting is so motorsport, & allows for greater focus on connecting with, & negotiating the roadway before you. A truly outstanding machine available for around £110-120k give or take. Or less if you buy used.

Production 2012 t 2018

Manufactured - Gaydon Warickshire

Designed by Marek Reichman

0-60 in 3.6secs

Top Speed - 201mph

5,935 cc V12 6L Engine


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