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Mclaren 675LT

C a r S p o t # 1

Arguably the Whip Spot's most exotic feature by way of characteristics, this 675LT (long tail) is a 666bhp lightweight leviathan built in tribute to the illustrious 1997 Le Mans winning F1 GTR. Designed by none other than the world renowned Frank Stephenson whose breathtaking track record of iconic and timeless design credits includes but isn't limited to, the modern Mini Cooper, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, the Maserati MC12, The modern Fiat 500, the BMW X5 and the revered Mclaren P1. With such God-like design prowess it's no surprise he's in-part responsible for such an outstanding machine.

In recent years Mclaren alongside Koenigsegg have exploited carbon fibre to epic proportions. The 675LT's chasis is elegantly forged from a single piece of monocell carbon fibre resulting in tremendous rigidity at a remarkable 75kg! This weight to strength ratio is echoed furthermore via a carbon fibre rear diffuser, front & rear bumpers, undertray, side intakes, rear fenders, deck lid and race seats. Altogether this gives the 675LT a dry weight (without fluids) of 1230kg, roughly 200kg lighter than a Lamborghini Huracan. As a track focused evolution of the 650S the 675LT features a comprehensive aero-package upgrade that significantly improves down-force across the vehicle. Most notably via the front extended splitter & huge 'Long-Tail' rear wing or 'functional air-brake' if you prefer. Handling is further maximised by super sticky Pirelli Trofeo-R track focused & street legal tires, plus carbon ceramic brakes with large 6 piston calipers at the front & 4 at the rear. Not to mention 19inch wheels at the front with 20 at the rear. Mechanically & visually the 675LT is an automotive masterpiece imbuing principles of weight & traction very few class alternatives can best

This internal & external design ethos allows for performance statistics that catapult the 675LT to the forefront of the pecking order. The proprietary M838T 3.8 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine is informed by a superfast 7 speed dual-clutch gear box with a revised software strategy to improve responsiveness. This includes a brief cut in ignition that enables faster shift times which triggers a unique sound stage like none other. Such genius brings cars to life, the machine feels & sounds alive, like some predatory beast pushing it's explosive potential to the limit. On the subject of life-like attributes, the exhaust (exhaling) system also sports notable traits. Maintaining a lightweight theme, it's made from titanium, with a cross-over design whereby the right-exited pipe sits internally on the left side of the car & the left-exited pipe sits on the right. This allows for lengthier pipe work to ensure optimum pressure & performance gains. Aesthetically, It's position above the diffuser adds to the drama of the exterior and presents an athletic/aggressive look similar to the Huracan Performante. More on aesthetics, Mclaren has become a favorite of mine when it comes to interiors. My love for the MK1 Audi TT is in part due it's bauhouse minimal interior, & it would appear Frank Stephenson has a mind of my own heart. The interior centre console leans forward into the dash leaving a void space below, linking the two elements like ligaments between bones. The curvature & overlap between internal trim parts further mimics the relationship between musculature tissue, all coated in alcantara or satin-finished carbon fibre. A fine example of the bio-mimicry concept Frank Stephenson so proudly champions. The same can be said for the engine bay, with it's all-encompassing curved satin carbon fibre trims. In terms of user-interface, nothing seems superfluous or complex, placing the driving sensation centre stage.

Production 2015 to 2017

Manufactured - Woking, UK

0-60mph in 2.9secs

Top Speed 205mph

700 newton metres of Torque at 5000rpm

V8 Engine 4.0L

Engine Capacity 3,799cc

1/4 Mile run (402m) in 10.3 secs


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