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Ferarri 488

C a r S p o t # 6

Ferrari's first turbo charged V8 engine since the F40 is a beast of an automobile. This V8 monster set new in-house for records for Ferrari both in power & torque output levels. The 488 also features the same carbon ceramic brakes used on the flagship La Ferrari. Throw in a double clutch 7 speed Formula One gearbox & it's fairly clear how the GT Evo adaptation of the 488 won the 2019 LMGTE Pro class 24 hours of Le Mans & the GTLM class Petit Le Mans. This being a Ferrari, the bodywork is an extension of the 488's internal engineering wizardry, with functional aero features designed to aid handling and overall performance. Such as the front double splitter that assists with radiator cooling. Or the Scalloped top & bottom vents seen behind the door. The top vent allows cool air to flow towards the turbo, whilst the lower vent leads through to the rear of the car to prevent drag. Simply put, all elements of the 488 have purpose.

Production - 2015 to 2019

Manufactured - Maranello

Designed by Flavio Manzoni

0-60mph in 3secs

Top Speed - 205mph


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