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Official Audi Chronograph Watch

W A T C H P O S T # 0 0 4

B a c k g r o u n d

Audi make beautiful watches. They're only available while stocks last and then they're gone. You'll find they compliment the Audi styling and have excellent build quality. Some have more complex faces than others but in general they all look pretty awesome. Once I bought an Audi I went a bit mad for the accessories but never went as far as purchasing a watch. It wasn't until I made my 3rd visit for various works needed to my car that I found myself being gifted a complimentary watch. I can say what for. I spent a fair amount at the dealership and they're customer service was always stellar, but this was a step over the mark in customer appreciation. I wasn't as thankful as I could have been at the time they presented me with this watch and my bill. It wasn't until i got home opened the box and took a good look at the craftsmanship and beauty that I fully appreciated what an excellent addition to my collection this watch was. Thank You Audi!

C o m p l i m e n t F a c t o r

7/10 - This watch isn't a head turner like the more extravagant models I own. But its not designed for that. Its a dependable, precision instrument thats understated and classic in presentation. Anyone with a refined eye for uncluttered & extremely elegant watches with a cream face and motorist themed dials will look twice and admire from afar.

W e i g h t

I'd say this watch is in the mid-weight category of watches. Not as light as a Skagen but not as heavy as as fashion watch with steel strap. Clearly the case is what gives this watch its sold feel. Due to the soft plush olive calfskin leather & off-white stitching you'll feel able to work, type, race (&win) with this model.

C o m p l i c a t i o n s

Chronograph - Water Resistant 10 ATM - Stainless Steel Casing - Integrated Date - Fully Fluorescent Dial - Tachymeter - Small Minute hand - Crown Guard - Convex K1 Safety Glass

S t y l e F a c t o r

The watch is at home beneath a leather flight jacket with fleece collar and cuffs. Or paired with a Audi Sport Polo Top (on my Audi Accessories list). Personally I prefer to match it with a white shirt or smart button down oxford shirt on one of my dress down days at the office. If you own an audi you'll feel the urge to reach for this on you driving days. When i'm on the motorway for fun i'll stop time my cars performance on different fuel types and weather conditions. Quite nerdy I know! but i'm a formula one fan and this typical of any me emulating my heroes.

A f f o r d a b i l i t y

I didn't want to know the price of the watch after receiving it as a gift. It was only during my research into the history of the model that I came to know about its £250 price tag. This typical of most Audi watches. You can find a few models on ebay if you're not happy with that price. However for what it is this is extremely reasonable. You won't see many people donning this watch, if anything because its really only for Audi enthusiasts. Once again i can't reiterate enough how premium the watch feels both to hold and to wear!



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