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Calvin Klein Celerity

W A T C H P O S T # 0 0 1

B a c k g r o u n d

The first time I laid eyes on this baby was in a Croydon jewellers, i forget which one. It doesn't matter. What does matter is the tingle this masterpiece sends up you spine to that chasm in watch lovers brains in awaiting a new-watch fix. Those who collect or er'hmm "invest" know what I mean. Your watch box empty spaces simply must be filled to make the box content! If thats just me then fair-dues. Even you don't, once you've bought one you'll at some point arrive at "i need/want another watch, for a plethora of reasons. Sure theres plenty of new watches to buy, but once you own a certain amount or you've purchased the timepieces you really wanted you may find yourself looking for something rare, or limited. Which brings us back to the Celerity. Reasonably priced at $250 when it was 1st released the model is now discontinued but you'll find models still in rotation if you're as determined me when it comes to hunting down timepieces. Those i've seen are priced more that £465 meaning the timepiece is coveted and appreciating in value. Nice!!

C o m p l i m e n t f a c t o r

9/10 - I get either compliments or serious looks every time this timepieces grace my wrist. Its bold size and face demands attention.

W e i g h t

This watch is very weighty. Its the heaviest watch I own. It feels solid and maintains a constance presence. Not ideal for extended typing, writing or playing the guitar. It is however perfect for driving. If you're extremely nerdy like me you may want to time your journeys with the chronograph and compare them against alternate routes to the same destination to confirm the quickest route?

C o m p l i c a t i o n s

Chronograph - 30 Minute Register - 1/10th Second Register - Central Second Register - Small Seconds.

Date - Tachymeter - 100m water resistance - Luminescent hands

Style factor

This watch is large & in charge! It demands authority, a true "boss" watch. The steel Bezel comes alive paired with a white shirt and navy blue tie. The white reflects against the chrome and the navy blue detailing across the watch's face matches the tie. Although, if you want to let the watch take centre stage, pair it with a black, white and grey monochrome outfit with no accessories(super clean). This lets it ping unencumbered. The watch looks far more expensive than it is with its domidable 13mm thick case, a much appreciated especially against recently released watches that patron the super slim minimalist trend. This timepiece looks instantly classic, Like some wartime code-breaker precision instrument which makes sense as the Celerity is inspired by the fast paced world of motorcycling & precision instruments.

A f f o r d a b i l i t y

With the watch appreciating since its release the longer left before purchase the more you may have to pay. With average use the watch battery will last between and year & a half and two years. Ernest jones will charge around £20-£30 pounds to send off the watch to the manufacture and professionally change the battery and re-seal the watch. The crystal sapphire scratch resistant glass does as it says on the tin. I've bashed and dropped this thing repeatedly with no blemishes to show for it. The strap efficient & built to last. It Locks with a double folding clasp with push button release and holds its lock very well. For the price you get whole load of watch and a timepiece you'd be privileged to receive from a loved one.


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