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Zeppelin GMT LZ 127 Count

W A T C H P O S T # 0 0 6

B a c k g r o u n d

I can't remember how I came to know of the name Zeppelin years. Nowadays I can't think of the world of Basel without either Zeppelin or Junkers. Both names synonymous with elegant & classic flight watches. I do however remember having reservations over buying a watch with the same namesake and also product lines associated with the famous catastrophe the Hindenburg. Until I came to my senses and realised Cars, Planes and other modes of transport have had their fair share in tragic historic episodes. With that aside, I do remember how I came across this particular model. I'd been thinking of buying the LZ 127 via amazon. You'll find a range of models on the site, all stunning in their own right. The only trouble with buying watches online is you can't do a full inspection of the watch itself, nor can you try the watch on. 3D revolving images are all well & good, but seeing the watch on your wrist is a far more effective way to decide if you're going to spend hard earned money. During a trip to Uni-Qlo Japan (Japan's John Lewis) I stumbled upon an entire case of Zeppelins! No store in London has the same variety of Zeppelins let alone stocks them at all! Perfect for a memento of Japan. Now when i look down at this watch I know the time & date in the UK and Tokyo courtesy of the Dual Time Zone Dial and of course the dope memories I have from a City I definitely intend to live in at some point in my life.

H i s t o r y

"For those interested - LZ 127 ZEPPELIN were the most important / successful kind of Zeppelin airships ever. They were real historic mile-stones which were never reached again. Between 1900 and 1938 the zeppelin company GmbH constructed more than 100 airships in 27 different variations. The bigges one was in 1938 LZ 129 with a length of 245 meters, dimension of 41,2 meters and volume of 200.000 m3. 4 Daimler diesel engines with 4.200 PS moved the airship with a highest speed on 131 km / hour and a distance reach of 12.000 kilometers to Japan, North and South America for transport of passengers, post and freight". Junkers shop.

C o m p l i m e n t F a c t o r

6/10 - This watch is understated, functional and unassuming. Its not meant to be loud at all. Therefore its unlikely to turn heads, unless an astute horologist catches a glimpse in which case your likely to receive an respectful & demure acknowledgement that you have a mature taste in wrist-wear. Por Exemplo - I took my Zeppelin to have the battery changed at Earnest Jones. Their maintenance representative took all five of the watches i'd presented, the CK celerity, The Fossil Gun Metal Semi-Automatic & three other random cheaper watches. He overlooked them all for quotation until he laid eyes on the LZ-127, at which point his eyes widened as he remarked "now this is fine watch, where did you find this beauty?!"

W e i g h t

In short, Light. The watch feels nimble, you can forget your wearing it most of the time. At a feather like 70g its completely elegant and discreet. The footprint on your wrist is perfect at 43mm wide with a 12mm depth. For this type of watch, you cant go wrong choosing the LZ-127.

C o m p l i c a t i o n s

Swiss Ronda 505.24D Calibre - Quartz Movement - 1 Jewel - 2nd Time Zone - Water Resistant - 5atm

S t y l e Fa c t o r

This timepiece is extremely versatile. Its become my everyday watch over the years. Its my work, studio, driving, weekend & round the house watch. Evident from the how worn the strap is. If you're not much of a collector and want something that'll go with almost anything then look no further. Of there are more ideal looks to sport like smart Jeans, polo shirts, suits, forma or oxford button down shirt collars, even a non-baggy fitted Hoodie. Although you'll find with the rich brown strap your more likely to go with the smart casual look. Its also from a brand thats going to allow the watch to appreciate in value.

One little thing to mention that I personally appreciate is the box the watch comes with and its contents. You'll receive a warranty card and note of authenticity. All vintage looking and collectors fodder that i've not received with any other brand.

A f f o r d a b il i t y

A German made watch built to last is robust and unlikely to run up maintenance costs. Its been reliable since the moment a bought it. However the battery will need changing and the strap will at some point need replacing. The cost to have the battery replaced was on the pricier end of the spectrum as the watch had to be sent off so the case could be professionally re-sealed. I've not renewed the strap but reviewing official stockists price's you'll be looking at £40-£50. For the brand and quality of the watch I wouldn't say its expensive.


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