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HUGO BOSS - 1512415

W A T C H P O S T # 0 0 5

B a c k g r o u n d

This little gem was spied in a sale for models discontinued. For a collector the prospect of owning a watch thats rare is in part one of the aims of collecting. You want something that coveted and rare! I've always regarded BOSS watches as a masculine statement and their designs are typically bold and no-nonsense, something I aspire to be like. So a timepiece from this brand thats classic, almost Art-Deco in design and rare was a triple threat not to be overlooked. So I paid a bargain price for what is a one-off design you don't see often from this prestigious and man-ish brand. Its also extremely photogenic!

C o m p l i m e n t F a c t o r

9/10 - The watches face with is all-chrome design is positively eye catching. It reflects light from afar and draws you too its complexity. People see & know a name thats synonymous with power & achievement and therefore assume you're a patron of both. In short a BOSS watch for a boss!

W e i g h t

With a leather strap its nicely weighted. Its comfortable enough to wear but could do with a softer leather strap. The stiffness of the leather hasn't wained over the few years i've owned the watch but then again i don't wear it enough to break it in. I advise not wearing leather straps too often to avoid the smell associated with leather straps and sweat, but that by no means a detraction from the overall experience of the timepiece!

C o m p l i c a t i o n s

Automatic Movement - Water Resistant 5atm - Day Calendar - Small Seconds - Power Reserve Meter

S t y l e F a c t o r

Typically I'll pull this piece from the box on interview day, get shit done day or date night. my "seal the deal watch". Its bold, urbane and sharp all at once. A glance toward your wrist and you'll receive a proverbial kick up the arse before the mission and a pat on the back post completion. If by some misalignment of the cosmic energies you fail at your task. Its ok, remember the BOSS mentality that in every defeat is an opportunity to improve. If anyone should witness your failure, remember all they're really witnessing is your journey towards predestined greatness by trial & error!

The "Automatic" beneath the seconds hand is really a prompt for how you're assigned Kudos for simply bearing such a dope timepiece.

Worn with any formal shirt is the pragmatic approach to stying this baby. I found it sits well with blue, black or white. However, in the spirit "BOSS-NESS". If the definition of genuine style is doing something YOU want to, how YOU want to do it, because that the way YOU like it done then who really gives a toss how you wear it?

A f f o r d a b i l i t y

Now that its discontinued you have some difficulty finding a copy. A google search may present some random stockist abroad? Or you may have luck trolling ebay. It retailed at £325 once, I couldn't say what its worth today. But for me the vibrations from this piece exceed the above value by some considerable margin. Like i've mentioned before, Automatic watches (when built properly) are low maintenance when it comes to battery renewal etc. The strap may cost a little though as you'll want the BOSS logo on the buckle, aside from the aforementioned its happy days days with this one.


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