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Storm - Vader

W A T C H P O S T # 0 0 1


Discovering Storm on a random trip through Carnaby street was a wonderful surprise. The Sharp glimmer of watch dials with striking blue white & black colours caught my eye and drew me like a moth to its doom. This was of course some years ago. Their Carnaby street branch now closed & their wares spread across numerous concessions at House of Frasier, Menkind, Debenhams etc. Storm specialise in outside the box, out-there watch designs likened to the other-worldly Japanese style dials with "alternative" ways to to present the time. All very quirky and thought provoking, as they administer a short mental test each you glance to read the time. At least until you fully adjust to how you read them.

C o m p l i m e n t F a c t o r

10/10 on the attention seeking glare-o-meter for the Storm Vader. I don't wear this without receiving positive feedback. Whether its pop-culture vultures thinking I've captured and harnessed an infinity stone and forged a watch from it. Or more mature on lookers who admire its bold but completely acceptable styling as a compliment to the blue tie & cufflinks its paired with. To quote Wiley "you can't go wrong"....

W e i g h t

Not bad really. Its an all around medium weight on the wrist. Heavy enough to feel premium and light enough to forget its there. Perfect really. enough said.

C o m p l i c a t i o n

Minute, Hour, water Resistant 5ATM, Japan movement(obviously), Stainless steel.

S t y l e F a c t o r

Well, I guess this is down to the users preference and perception of cool. Some will turn their noses up at this iteration of a signature edition offering. The face is striking and electric blue. Its angular and menacing beyond reasonable convention. So loud you shouldn't be surprised if during a stroll in the park you're bullied and mugged for your watch by magpies. Its a conversation starter in the cigar room and point of interest for waiters taking your order. Its also nicely unisex, although it lends itself more towards the menswear spectrum of wrist wear, in this day & age ladies shouldn't be coy with rocking this gem at all. For me its combination of brushed steel & cobalt blue is a positive design statement that only storm seems to pull with such pinnace. Rest assured you're likely to be the only one of your friends with this in their collection. For good reason.

A f f o r d a b i l i t y

Priced at £109 its slightly gone up in price since I purchased it a few years back. Its not a wallet burner so for the style factor on offer here, i'd say anyone savy enough to pick one up will like me look on this watch with a warm feeling of knowing I bought a modern classic watch thats highly affordable and unique. The battery lasts forever & like the watch itself won't melt your credit card when its time to renew. The blue face has also stood the test of time & office gauntlet of photocopier lids, desk bashings and tube squeezes that leave less robust designs dented and scarred. All in all good value for money. Check out the mirror and black versions, they're just as unique!


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