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Emporio Armarni Meccanico AR4233

W A T C H P O S T # 0 0 3

B a c k g r o u n d

After picking up the AR4626 and becoming someone obsessed with the mechanical look I made enquires about other models within the range. Once I laid my eyes on the AR4233 It had to be bought. All watch collections need variation, here was an opportunity to add a skeletal design with a leather strap to my dress-watch options. This model came out 2013/14 during a trend of brand models donning rose gold elements. It was between this and black and rose gold ceramic model AR1410. Evidently I opted for the AR4423.

C o m p l i m e n t F a c t o r

10/10 - To date I've not worn this watch without receiving a compliment. Its so eye catching that anyone including non-watch enthusiasts remark on its beauty and uniqueness. Theres only a few that can afford the prestigious brands that don't advertise the price of the watch. This model however gives you that look for a fraction of the price.


The AR4233 isn't very weighty at all. It's both a dress & an everyday watch with a soft leather 23mm wide strap that you'll forget you're wearing once its on. until you need to know the time of course. At which point you're reminded of how stunning it is. I can type, hand write, produce & play guitar for hours wearing this model.

C o m p l i c a t i o n s

Analogue Display - Roman Numeral Dial - Mechanical Movement - Water Resistant 3atm - 20 Jewels

Style Factor

This timepiece signifies style and sophistication. As I mentioned earlier, the big name brands like Breitling, Cartier, Bvlgari, Omega command a level of accolade thats matched by their price tag. and thats not say armarmi is not a prestigious brand in its own right. However for £400(rrp) you can pull off a high end look and not worry about the damage to whole is your wallet! The roman numerals and rectangular case design provide an art deco look thats amplified by the rose gold detailing. A black croc-skin style strap also makes for an extremely comfortable fit. The strap shines and catches the light for a glimpse the way its supposed to, while simultaneously letting the face of the watch take centre stage. Every time I set this watch I think of the poster for Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece "Metropolis". The post is Art Deco, black and gold, classic but futuristic. A la AR4233.

When styled with any formal look it adds power and class. It says your mature enough to where rectangular cased watches, cultured enough to sport roman numerals on your dial and meticulous enough to enjoy and frown at the process of setting & winding the watch to your desired level of accuracy each time you pull it from your box. One or two minutes fast to give yourself that buffer of punctuality or precisely on the minute to arrive not a moment to soon or a minute too late. Of course none of the above may appeal you. For me however, the busyness and craftsmanship of the AR4233 serves as a reminder to remain conscientious and employ due diligence.

A f f o r d a b i l i t y

Just like the AR4626 this watch has pretty zero overall maintenance costs. Its sturdy design will stand the test of time and brush off most drops and bumps. The lack of complexity in the dial means there's less chance of functions not working. No Date, no Power reserve indicator, or days of the week etc.. As with all Automatic watches you won't have to send it off for a new battery & reseal. Your not about to take it diving or even snorkelling. So Providing you wear it every 48hrs you'll not have reset it either. The cost you may incur depending on the frequency at which you wear the watch, is the replace the strap. You can do so for roughly £40-£50 if it becomes badly worn or smelly, which can happen if you sweat regularly whilst wearing a leather strap. The odour is far from sexy so just don't do it!

In terms of purchase its very affordable for anyone reasonably serious about the watch(s) they wear. If you'd rather not part with around £250(online price) in one go, then bump up your credit with a credit card purchase and direct debit over a few months to pay it off.

Stunning watch!



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